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1. Why Pre-Order?

Some new items may be available for pre-order from Pre-ordering an item means you will get it at the guaranteed lowest price, because you’re buying it before anyone else. When you pre-order an item, you will be charged for the item and for the cost of shipping, and the item will be reserved for you. As soon as the item arrives at our warehouse, it will be shipped out to you. Pre-ordering is not required, but is a good idea if you want to make sure it doesn’t sell out. Pre-ordering insures you will not miss out. By pre-ordering a particular product, you will receive it as quickly as possible and pay less than the original price.

2. What If I Don't Want To Pre-Order, But I'm Still Very Interested In Purchasing?

If you don’t want to pre-order, you may simply wish to receive e-mail updates on product availability. Click here to sign up for product notifications.

3. What If I Need To Cancel A Pre-Order

You may cancel a pre-ordered item at any time by emailing Please make sure to note your order number for backordered items. Please Note: All cancelled pre-orders that have already been paid for are subject to a 20% processing fee. We encourage you to only pre-order a product if you are sure that you want to purchase it and are willing to wait until the product is ready for shipment.

4. What If My Pre-Ordered Product Is Delayed?

Occasionally our products may arrive early or a little late, due to circumstances beyond our control. We provide our pre-order shipping dates as good estimates, but not hard and fast promises. Please be advised, for delays greater than 45 days, we will provide refunds with only a 3% penalty.

5. What If I Order A Mix Of Pre-Order and In Stock Products?

We will automatically ship all in stock items on your order immediately. If you wish to have us wait and ship all items together, please contact us at

6. Am I charged for my pre-order before it is shipped to me?

Credit card payments. By supplying your credit card information you are indicating that you do indeed intend to purchase these items. We will reserve the items for you and ship them as soon as they arrive. Credit cards WILL NOT be billed immediately, rather you can expect your credit card to be charged 1-2 weeks prior to the shipping date. When we have definite confirmation that these items have arrived at our warehouse, we will email or call to let you know that we intend to process your credit card.

PayPal payments. For pre-order paid by Paypal, Paypal account will be charged immediately. So, we strongly advise you pay your pre-order by credit card.

7. Do you have maximum order limit?

Yes, we have a set quantity limit for each pre-order item.

8. Do pre-orders get big discounts over retail price?

Pre-orders will always receive a discount. The discount is usually about 20% off the in-stock price, although this may vary from item to item. The pre-order system allows us to kick-start new styles by placing advanced orders. So we reward our pre-order customers by guaranteeing you the lowest price these pet products will ever sell for!

9. Are pre-orders open for a limited time?

Pre-ordering periods are open for a short time only – usually 5-10 days. Following the close of this period, the products will be manufactured and shipped to our warehouse. Once we have received the item in our warehouse it will be shipped out to you immediately. The expected delivery date is always posted on the product page and we will keep you updated on the progress of the shipment.

10. Minimum Order Threshold

Sometimes, the manufacture of a new product is dependent on receiving enough pre-orders for that style so that a manufacturing run can take place. The minimum quantity requirement is different for every item. If we do not meet the minimum order requirement, the products cannot be made in an economical manner, and everyone who has pre-ordered the item will be refunded 100% of their money.

If you've just GOT to have a custom item from us, make sure you pre-order and tell all your friends!

If you have any additional questions about the pre-order process, please do not hesitate to email us at

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