What Does Your Pet Do When You’re Not Home?

brown dog1 What Does Your Pet Do When Youre Not Home?If you had a “nanny cam” for your pets, what would you see? With the induction of YouTube, many people have taken to recording their pets “home alone” and we now have a window into the lives of our lonely pets. Some people have captured the complete destruction of their property while others find their pets sit at the door crying and whimpering until they come home.

What humans fail to realize is that animals have no concept of time. They don’t understand past and future- they live in the moment. According to researchers, pets live on an internal “clock” triggered by routine. Disrupting that routine can cause your pets severe anxiety.

While sticking to a routine is healthy and comforting for your pets, it’s not always possible for humans.  Lucky for us, some amazing tools have been invented to help our pets cope with our spontaneity.

One of the best tools is distraction. Keeping your pets occupied while you’re gone will help relax their anxiety.

If your pets are TV watchers, the Pet Sitter DVDs are a great tool. Featuring a version of the DVD for both dogs and cats, the Sitter is packed full of pet-friendly nature scenes sure to keep your pet’s attention.

186307 vert What Does Your Pet Do When Youre Not Home?Have you ever heard of the Sentry Calming Collar? This amazing little collar mimics the pheromone that mothers produce to calm and assure their offspring. Made by St. Jon Laboratories, and available for both dogs and cats, this collar releases calming pheromones over a 30-day period and helps alleviate stress-induced behaviors from, (among other things), separation anxiety.

It’s also extremely important to provide your pets with toys. At My Favorite Pet Shop, we have a variety of toys for dogs and cats meant to keep them occupied when you’re not home.

Dogs respond best to toys designed to “puzzle” them. Puzzle toys hold their attention for longer periods of time. Some are even made to reward your pups with treats should they “solve the puzzle”.

Cats like hunting toys; toys that engage their desire to hunt will hold their attention longer. The FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy is AMAZING! This battery operated interactive laser toy will provide hours of fun for you and your feline friend. When you set the toy to “automatic” it will do all the work – so your cat can play even when you’re not home.

Achieving balance between your best life and your pet’s happiness is possible with a little forethought. Try to establish and maintain a routine. Create a “back-up” routine where you provide stimulation for your pets when you must “run out” and leave them behind. Animals provide so much love and companionship for us; it’s only fair that we fulfill their needs as well.

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