Why Does My Pet Keep Soiling in the Same Area?

dog potty training 300x199 Why Does My Pet Keep Soiling in the Same Area?Let’s start with why pets soil inside your home.

The first cause could be a lack of house-training. If your pets have soiled inside the home since day one, then it’s clearly due to lack of training.

Assuming they were properly house-trained, the behavior may be linked to anxiety or medical issues. To rule out medical issues, start with a trip to the vet.

If it’s a behavioral issue, discovering the specific reason for the behavior is imperative for developing a treatment program. Have you changed your schedule lately? Are you spending more time away from home? Have you changed your routine or theirs? Did you acquire a new family member or has one left?

Both cats and dogs are prone to anxiety. A disruption in their schedule or routine is often the cause of behavioral problems. Whether a favorite family member has moved out to go to college or a new job with longer hours is causing you to be away; your pets will feel the separation, think something is wrong, and may “act-out” by soiling the house.

Diagnoses of the problem and retraining are all that’s needed to correct the issue. Finding professional training classes can be as easy as doing a Google search. Many communities even provide pet training classes through various municipal programs.

Now let’s tackle the issue of why pets consistently soil in one area.

Both cats and dogs are naturally clean animals and that is why they tend to return to one spot repeatedly. They don’t want to mess other areas of their habitat so they focus on one area that they perceive as their “emergency bathroom.” Once an area has been soiled, the trace scent left after cleaning will bring them back to that spot.

Fission 300x300 Why Does My Pet Keep Soiling in the Same Area?My Favorite Pet Shop offers a product called Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover. Fizzion is comprised of a proprietary blend of cleaners that removes the two most stubborn components of urine from the material or fabric. Fizzion comes with a convenient spray bottle and 2 tablets to which you add water. Additional tablets are sold separately at MyFavoritePetShop.com.

Urine Off 300x300 Why Does My Pet Keep Soiling in the Same Area?A product like Urine-Off is great for cat owners because it will eliminate urine smells and pheromone odors. Approved by the Carpet Rug Institute, Urine-Off comes in an easy trigger spray bottle and is perfect for removing urine from hard surfaces like tile, litter boxes, walls, and floors.

Eliminating in-house soiling is a two-part process. Learning what is upsetting your pets is step one while eliminating the actual odor is step two. At My Favorite Pet Shop we strive to bring you valuable information and products to help you tackle the complete problem.

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Hairballs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

cat hairball 300x180 Hairballs: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyIf you have cats, you know about hairballs- usually after it’s too late. There are very few things as gross as witnessing a hairball expulsion and then having to clean it up. Even worse is discovering it on the bottom of your bare foot.

The good news is that hairballs are completely normal. Nature gave cats lots of beautiful, soft fur. Normally, when cats groom and ingest loose hair, it passes through the digestive tract and comes out in the stool. Some hair can remain, however, and collect in the stomach or small intestine. This is what causes hairballs.

While an occasional hairball is no cause for alarm, if your cats are vomiting hairballs more than once or twice a month, it’s time to think about a plan of action. At MyFavoritePetShop.com we can help. We offer several products that help treat and prevent hairballs.

Laxatone is a tasty gel that provides relief from nasty hairballs. Cats love the yummy tuna or catnip flavor and will eagerly indulge in the tasty treat. Once ingested, the Laxatone gel lubricates swallowed hair, allowing it to pass. A Laxatone regiment will prevent future build-up and even contains a healthy dose of Iron supplement.

Couple the Laxatone with the Favorite Pet Slicker Firm Wire Brush and you’ll be knocking out hairballs in no time. Cats go absolutely crazy for the brush and frequent use helps to reduce shedding. You’ll not only help keep your cat’s coat clean but your home and clothing as well.

Finally, completing the 1, 2, 3, punch is the Nutri-Vet Hairball Formula Cat Treats. With great chicken and tuna taste, Hairball Formula Soft Chews provide a unique feline supplement that combines natural yucca to control stool odor and reduce litter box smells. Scientifically formulated with natural sourced omega fatty acids help reduce shedding and cat hairball formation.

No longer do you have to endure the disgusting ritual of hairball expulsion. With the help of MyFavoritePetShop.com your cats will be happy, healthy, and virtually hairball free.

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Death of the Squeaky Toy

dog toys 300x225 Death of the Squeaky ToyWhy does my dog try to “kill” his squeaky toys? If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, you’re not alone. Many dogs possess “prey drive.” Prey drive is the instinctive inclination of a carnivore to pursue and capture prey.¹ In all predators, the prey drive follows an inevitable sequence- the search, the eyestalk, the chase, the grab bite, and the kill bite.¹ During the final sequence, (the kill bite), the captured animal typically emits a squeak-like sound.

You may have noticed your dog’s deep determination to “end the squeak” of its newly purchased squeaker toy. You think, “Oh great, I just spent $20 on a squeaker toy and my dog has broken it in less than 30 seconds.” However, your dog thinks, “Yes! I killed it! I’m the king of the jungle baby!” It’s a completely natural response and part of being a dog.

162843 300x300 Death of the Squeaky ToyAt MyFavoritePetShop.com, we know that your dog wants to kill its squeaker. We also know that you want a toy that will last longer than 30 seconds. Our solution is the Kyjen Invincible Snake.  Available in 2 sizes, the Kyjen snake is a great compromise for both you and your dog. The Kyjen Invincible Snake contains squeakers that fill the toy’s entire body – there is no stuffing. And these squeakers are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Even after being punctured again and again, the Kyjen Invincible Snake will still squeak!

Not all dogs will exhibit such a strong prey drive to “kill” their squeaky toys. Many dogs are perfectly content to view their squeaker as a toy. This is also perfectly natural. Some breeds of dogs are more passive than aggressive. The likely explanation for this dramatic difference between dogs is breeding. Many dogs are bred to be companion dogs while other are meant to be hunters and protectors.

175005 300x300 Death of the Squeaky ToyRegardless of how your dog plays with squeaker toys, those sharp teeth can quickly tear apart many toys. That’s why you must always monitor your dog’s play. But MyFavoritePetShop.com has a variety of great squeaker toys that are designed to be durable and hold up to your dog’s active play. We have squeakers for dogs of all shapes and sizes and breeds. From the Kyjen Squirrel Squeaker Mat to the Hugglehounds Bugsy, you’ll find fun toys your dog will love at MyFavoritePetShop.com

1. Wikipedia: Prey Drive

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The Epidemic of Stray Cats and Dogs in America

No one knows how many stray animals there are in the United States. Estimates for cats alone can be up to 70 million while similar estimates for dogs are around 50 million. Animal-control workers across the country have seen a steady increase in stray dogs and cats as Americans cope with foreclosures and financial troubles.

You Can Help

If the previously stated statistics bother you, there are things you can do to help.

-Volunteer at your local shelters.
-If you are able to contribute financially, make a pledge to an animal rescue foundation.
-Adopt an animal from your local shelter.
-If you’re not able to take on a full-time pet, consider being a foster parent.

If You Find a Stray
People are often discouraged to approach a stray animal because there could be a risk of being bitten and getting rabies. This is highly unlikely. According to the Center for Disease Control, (CDC), the number of human deaths in the United States attributed to rabies averages 2-3 each year.

If you want a new pet, don’t be afraid to befriend a stray. Just be sure to take it slow and take some precautions. Abandoned animals can be dangerous. It’s possible they were abused by previous owners and could become violent if they are frightened.

Education is Key
Even if the animal has determined that you mean no harm, sudden movement can still be frightening. Always move slowly and never corner an animal. Here are some tips to approaching a stray.

-To get the creature’s attention, make a soft clicking noise with your tongue or speak in a soft tone.
-Food is a great way of winning an animal’s trust.
-It’s best to allow cats to approach you. Cats are natural hunters but they are also acutely aware of being the hunted.
-It’s best not to make eye contact with dogs. In the wild, dogs tend to run in packs and the leader will often exude dominance with eye contact. Keep your head low and look towards their front legs or to either side.
-Never get down on your hands and knees. Always stay on your feet in case you need to escape.
-Never get closer than 10 feet. Allow the animal to choose to approach the rest of the way.
-Once the animal has approached, offer the back of your hand. This is less threatening to animals and decreases your chances of being bitten.
-Stay completely still while the animal is sniffing your hand.
-Never pet a dog’s head. This luxury is reserved for owners who are completely trusted by their canine companions. Instead, try petting a shoulder.
-If you sense danger, don’t be afraid; just stay calm and back away slowly.

If you cannot gain the animal’s trust, but fear for its safety, the best thing to do is call your local animal shelter. Provide the shelter with a detailed description of the stray including location, size, breed, and color.

If you are able to gain the stray’s trust and choose to adopt the animal, it’s important to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. Proper testing, tagging, and care will help to insure a long, healthy partnership. Stray animals can become a wonderful companion. It’s likely they will love you so much more because you saved them from a cold, cruel, lonely world.

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your Pets

1106071848060271 300x226 Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your PetsHave you ever wondered why MyFavoritePetShop.com has so many different kinds of food and water bowls? The reason is simple; your pets have a variety of needs and we want to fulfill them all.

Many people don’t realize that simply changing a pet’s food or water bowl can make a world of difference in solving various problems. So, we’ve decided to put together a guide to choosing the right bowls for your pets.

Consider Your Pet’s Size and Age
Elevated bowls 150x150 Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your PetsIf you have large animals, or if your pets are getting older, you may want a bowl that’s elevated. At MyFavoritePetShop.com we recommend the Collapsible Double Elevated Pet Feeder. It features 2 removable and portable bowls that make dinnertime a breeze no matter where you happen to be. For easy storage and portability, the entire set collapses to a mere 1/5 inch. This feeder is perfect for traveling and everyday home use.

The Favorite Stainless Steel Pet Bowl is great for both cats and dogs of all sizes. Stainless steel is sturdy, easy to care for and bacteria-resistant. (It is also recommended for feline acne.) These durable dishwasher-safe bowls have no pores where bacterial can breed, and they will not absorb food odors. A non-skid rubber ring holds the dish in place while your pet is eating to help prevent spills.

Stainless fountain 150x150 Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your PetsA great addition to the stainless steel feeder is the Pioneer Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountain. Animals love flowing water because it is cleaner, cooler, and better tasting. A fountain can help your pet drink more water, and that’s one of the healthiest changes you can make. This fountain provides ideal drinking water. It is also quiet and easy to clean. Plus, the stainless steel design looks great in any room.

Outdoor Eaters
If you feed your pets outside, you will definitely need the Anti Ants Double Dinner Bowls by Favorite. Available in bone shaped or heart shaped, it’s an easy way to help keep the ants out of your pet’s food. This feeder features an outer reservoir designed to keep ants away. Simply fill the outer moat with water plus a drop of dish soap and your pet’s food will stay ant free.

For Your Home Auto feeder 150x150 Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your PetsAlone Pets
If your pets are frequently home alone, try an automatic feeder like the Favorite Automatic Dispenser Dish. This clever feeder will make sure that your pets always have plenty of food even when you’re not home. Gravity feeds the food to the bowl from the non-toxic plastic hopper that locks securely in place to prevent spills.

And if you’re into “cute” you must check out the Watering 180451 300x300 Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your PetsHole Automatic Fresh Water Fountain. This indoor fresh water fountain provides a continuous flow of filtered water… and it comes in 3 fun styles: fish, frog or cow. At a much lower price than many other fountains on the market, your home alone pets with never be left wanting.

At MyFavoritePetShop.com we want to make sure you have the happiest pets in the world. That’s why we work hard to bring you the perfect variety of products for your pets. We hope our “Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bowls for Your Pets” has helped to make your decision easier. Be sure to check out all of our bowls on the bowls, feeders, and accessories page of the MyFavoritePetShop.com website.

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Dogs Provide Support for Children with Autism

199002877254717817 pYGSQR5G f 300x224 Dogs Provide Support for Children with AutismDid you know that dogs may provide increased development for children with autism? It’s true. In fact, there are now studies that show that many small children with autism show considered improvement when a service dog becomes part of the family. Since, MyFavoritePetShop.com loves both dogs and families; we thought this would be great news to share with you.

An autism service dog is a service dog trained to assist people with autism; to help them gain independence, confidence, and the ability to perform activities of daily living similar to anyone else. Autism service dogs are trained and encouraged to interact with families and their autistic children as well as the general public. According to the Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA) website, “service dogs provide a physical and emotional anchor for children with autism.”

While studies have shown that many autistic children benefit from service dogs, many researchers believe that more research is needed. And, according to ASDA, not all children will benefit from having a service dog. It’s important for families to understand that entering into a partnership with a service dog is a lot of work and requires a considerable commitment. It’s not a decision to be entered into lightly and not all families requesting a dog will actually receive one.

Training for the dogs and families is extensive. The main purpose of the service dog is to increase the autistic child’s safety. Since autistic children don’t process danger signs the way non-autistic people do, the dog acts as a safety barrier between the child and the danger. The dogs are trained to observe the warning signs and respond in such a way as to keep the child safe.

Families who have received service dogs sing the praises of this therapy. There are, literally, thousands of videos, blogs and comments online from parents of autistic children whose lives have been changed by the induction of a service dog. Many parents say the dog is the “savior of their freedom and sanity”, while others claim they have seen a “turn-around” in their child because of the dog.

At MyFavoritePetShop.com we know that dogs are amazing animals and we are very happy to be able to share this fantastic news with you. Please remember to always treat animals with kindness and keep an eye out for a service dog in your neighborhood.

If you would like more information on service dogs, we’ve attached several links to this blog to start your journey.

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Top 5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

12 300x215 Top 5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home AloneDogs are social creatures. They rely on us for much more than just food and water; they depend on us for companionship. When we leave them home alone it can be very traumatic for them. There are some things that you can do to make the separation easier. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips for leaving your dog’s home alone to help make all the little pooches out there a little happier.

1.) Establish a Routine
It’s very important to establish a pattern for how and when you leave. Don’t make it a production. You may think you’re being a good parent by cuddling and kissing but you’re actually adding to their anxiety. They will start to associate your affection with you walking out the door. Instead, try to give less attention the few minutes before you leave and the first few minutes after you return. When you do acknowledge them, during these times, make it nonchalant. Remember, dogs take their emotional cues from their masters. If you’re anxious – they will be too.


2.) Exercise First
The best thing you can do for your dogs is to exercise them before you leave. If they get in a hard workout, they are more apt to be tired. If they are tired, they will sleep. If they sleep, they won’t be worried about you not being there. Do you see where I’m going with this? The best type of workout is an off-leash run. It will not only work their bodies but also stimulate their minds.

Kyjin puzzel6 300x300 Top 5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone
3.) Keep them Busy
A puzzle toy is a great tool for keeping dogs busy. One of our favorites is the Kyjen Jigsaw Glider Dog Toy. The Kyjen Jigsaw is designed with hidden treat chambers to encourage cerebral exercise. It will challenge your dogs’ problem-solving ability and peak their interest for long periods of time.



Another great choice is the Kyjen Seamsters Weave Bone. It provides a long-lasting, Kyjin bone4 300x300 Top 5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alonechallenging outlet for a dog’s natural drive to chew. Made of natural, non-toxic rubber and stitched with thin, knot-free strips of rawhide, this fun puzzle chew toy will provide hours of distraction for your dogs. It’s also a great way to clean and strengthen their choppers.

4.) Leave a Wee-Wee Pad
Most pets know that going potty in the house means big trouble. They will do their best not to make you mad but, let’s face it… when you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s why leaving a wee-wee pad is not only a good idea for your dogs’ bladder but also for their sanity. It will make your life a lot less stressful too.


5.) Play Dog-Soothing Sounds
Most social creatures do not like to be left alone in a quiet house for hours on end. It just Dog DVD7 300x300 Top 5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alonegoes against their nature. Now, your dog never has to be “home alone” again because some genius created the Go Dog Dog Sitter DVD. This amazing DVD is made especially for dogs. It’s packed full of dog-friendly nature scenes and features eight layers of sound in a stereo soundtrack; with many sounds only your dog can hear. Trust me when I tell you that this little DVD will “save your life”.


That being said, if your best friend isn’t into watching TV, try playing some soothing music. If you don’t want to come home to a mess, it’s best to play Bach over Megadeth.
Finally, remember that leaving your dog’s feeling bored and lonely, with pent-up energy, is no way to treat such loving members of the family. Especially when it is so easy to make their lives as happy as they make ours. Just follow these five simple tips when you leave your dog home alone and I’m sure you will find a happier pooch when you return.

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